John Legend is “Made to Love”

American singer-songwriter John Legend delivers another beauty from his upcoming Love In The Future album: the epic song “Made To Love”, which is already #1 on the FindStream World Best New R&B Music chart!
Accompanied by tribal drums Legend croons about having found the perfect one with whom he was made to love. September 3rd is the date that John Legend will drop his first album of original music in five years.
“I’m about to get married, so I just wanted to sing songs that reflect my life,” John Legend told on GMA, where he performed for the summer concert series. Along with his appearance on GMA, Legend announced dates for an accompanying “Made To Love” tour, which begins on October 21 in NYC and ends just before Christmas.
Listen to the magnetic single, share it w/ your beloved ones and get more at
As always, let us know in the comments your ideas on the song 😉


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