You Do Wanna Know This Song

British indie rock band Arctic Monkeys have just released their fresh single Do I Wanna Know, and it’s, simply put, epic. The song (from their upcoming fifth studio album AM) currently occupies #6 position on the World Best New Rock Music chart but you might wanna follow it to see if it goes higher!
A music video for “Do I Wanna Know?” starts with black background and simple visuals of sound waves that vibrate in synchrony with the voice of the band’s vocalist Alex Turner and illustrate the beat of the song. It then turns into faster, full-colour animations of women (including the one on the single’s cover art), car races, birds, fish, and others.
Watch the video, share it w/ your friends and get more at
Also, let us know in the comments what do you think on the song 😉


2 Comments Add yours

  1. heard “Do I Wanna Know?” when they debuted it in Ventura! Love the studio version and will be going to their LA gig in September

    1. FindStream says:

      Wow, that is truly awesome! The studio version is so cool.
      Gonna see their first Russian gig ever in Moscow next weekend!

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