Hail, Hail, Rock-n-Roll!

Hail, Hail, Rock-n-Roll!

As the weekend approaches, it’s safe to say now that the world’s seen a wonderful ‪‎rock music week. Some of the greatest rock acts have all presented fresh singles which have charted on ‪‎FindStream‬ World Best New Rock Music list.
F.ex., Scottish band Franz Ferdinand have doubled its presence w/ two amazing singles, ‘Right Action’ & ‘Love Illumination’ (#2 & #8 accordingly). Beck has been back w/ his brand new ‘I Won’t Be Long’ song (#6). Sheffield-based heroes Arctic Monkeys are still killing it w/ their huge tune ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ (#3). Canadian rock band Redlight King rose to #4 w/ their fresh effort ‘Born to Rise’. Finally, Houston veterans Blue October are #5 thanks to the newest ‘Bleed Out’ single.
Check out these & other awesome entries at http://www.findstream.com/, share ’em w/ your friends and let us know in the comments your ideas on the above-mentioned.
Oh, and hail, hail, rock-n-roll!


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