The US Loves TDG’s Company

“We went for a tighter, more articulated sound on this record… a little more intricate than in the past, and we’ve been experimenting with new instruments. We wanted to present these new ideas concisely without going over-the-top in ambience and overall production.”
That’s what Neil Sanderson, the drummer for the Canadian rock band Three Days Grace, said about the band’s latest effort – the fourth studio album “Transit of Venus”. This one, btw, is the last of the band’s records to feature former lead singer Adam Gontier. The third single from the album – “Misery Loves My Company” – is currently #1 in our US New Rock Music chart!
Listen to the familiar heavy sound and honest lyrics of the song, share it w/ your friends and get more at


2 Comments Add yours

  1. georgianna13 says:

    awesome song!!!

    1. FindStream says:


You definitely got sth to say - shoot it!

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